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Pacific Coast Builders Conference Announces 2009 Cool Products Winners

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Every year, hundreds of exhibitors come to PCBC (a community of builders and manufacturers, building scientists, architects,  and environmental engineers) in San Francisco to market their best and most innovative products to the nation’s top homebuilders – products designed to help improve the homebuilding process, make a new home more inviting to a prospective buyer, and help improve the sustainability of our communities.

Now in its eighth year, PCBC’s Cool Products competition seeks to highlight those products that have that extra “cool” factor that makes builders and consumers take notice. This year’s competition was divided into four categories:

-Conserves Natural Resources
-Contributes to a Healthier Safer Living Environment
-A New, Cool Invention
-Saves Energy

A select panel of industry experts, including homebuilders, media, and architects, reviewed the finalists in each of the four categories and voted to determine which products were the “coolest of the cool.”

The winners will be among the hundreds of exhibitors displaying their new and innovative products at PCBC, which takes place June 17-19 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Each winner will have a special “Cool Products Winner” award displayed in their exhibit, and there will be kiosks displaying the winners with respective booth numbers to direct people to the appropriate exhibitors.

Here are the 2009 Cool Products winners:

Category: Conserves Natural Resources 
Winner: EcoStar, Booth #1140
Product: Majestic Slate 10″ Traditional Tiles, a narrower version of EcoStar’s existing 12-inch tiles, these 10-inch Majestic Slate tiles are intended to more closely replicate  the look of standard slate tiles, which are traditionally manufactured in both 10- and   12-inch widths.  

Cool Qualities: Made from 80% recycled material; Minimal use of limestone fillers; can be combined with 12″ tiles for authentic slate appearance.  

Category: Contributes to a Healthier, Safer Living Environment 
  Winner: Icynene Inc., Booth #2611
Product: Icynene LD-R-50, a climate-friendly, light-density, spray-foam insulation and air barrier that contributes to a healthier,  quieter and more energy-efficient building. Made using 100% natural castor oil, its HFC-free formulation helps contractors insulate and air-seal in one step for superior energy conservation while minimizing environmental impact.  

Cool Qualities: Castor oil is 100% naturally filtered with no chemical additives; The castor oil production process has low energy dependence;  Castor crops are non-irrigated saving scarce water supplies; Castor  crops do not require pesticide or fungicide treatment; Castor beans are a  rapidly renewable material that helped LD-R-50 become the 1st building   product to receive the ICC-ES SAVE designation (VAR-1002) for sustainability.   

Category: A New, Cool Invention 
Winner: Panasonic, Booth #0716
Product: WhisperGreen VKM2FV-08, an 80 CFM Ventilation Fan with Variable Speed Controls and Motion Sensor.  

Cool Qualities: Only ventilation fan in the industry to exceed Energy Star guidelines by 457%-550% with revolutionary energy-efficient  DC motor. The product is compliant with required ventilation codes and  green building programs, and the Smart Action motion sensor eliminates moisture, odor, and other indoor pollutants. It also features built-in  
variable speed controls with high/low delay timer.   
Category: Saves Energy 
Winner: Custom-Bilt Metals, Booth #2329
Product: FusionSolar, a more-affordable rooftop solar power generation system integrated within a standing seam metal roof  that provides both simplicity and low installation costs.  

Cool Qualities: The FusionSolar system comes fully assembled, with the solar, thin-film laminate already integrated into the roof,  which minimizes the installation costs and qualifies for tax incentives.  FusionSolar visually blends in without penetrations in the roof, delivers  up to 7 LEED points in the on-site renewable energy category and also  
achieves a higher relative efficiency under high temperatures and low light than solar glass. Prospective customers receive a customized  (ROI) report to help determine payback period and to understand how  much total power consumption is offset by generating clean, renewable  and dependable electric power.


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