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Pet Health Insurance Growing In Popularity

In Uncategorized on November 5, 2009 at 9:14 pm

pet-health-insurance-imageTo most of the nation’s 70 million pet owners, pets are family too. And when pets get sick or injured, many owners are willing to spend almost whatever it takes to get them back on all four feet. But the price of increasingly sophisticated veterinary care does not come cheap. According to the American Pet Products Association, vet bills last year in the U.S. topped $11 billion.

According to industry research firm IBISWorld, pet-related businesses are recession proof. The Los Angeles-based firm projects pet-related businesses will generate $51.6 billion for 2009 – that’s up 1.3 percent from 2008.

“Pet healthcare is a big business, as awareness in health is driving growth in this area” said George Van Horn, senior analyst at IBISWorld. Veterinary practices are now expanding their range of services in order to cater to the health-related needs of animals. Chiropractics, ophthalmology, dentistry, and dermatology, to name a few, are becoming more readily available.

To control costs, more pet owners than ever are signing up for pet health-insurance plans. Pet insurance industry experts say the offering has become so popular they expect pet premiums to top $328 million by year’s end.

Kroger Personal Finance, a Kroger joint venture that brings together a wide array of quality financial products and services from preferred providers for Kroger customers, is making pet health insurance information available in the check lanes of more than 2,400 supermarkets operated by Kroger, the nation’s largest traditional grocery store operator.

“Kroger shoppers include pet owners and non-pet owners alike,” Kathy Kelly, president of Kroger Personal Finance said. “With 62 percent of U.S. households owning a pet – and 70 percent of those with multiple pets, affordable pet insurance can help pet owners manage their expenses. It can cover everything from routine costs associated with veterinary expenses like annual check-ups and vaccinations all the way to surgeries, x-rays and hospitalization.”

The newest product offered by KPF is its lowest priced — an “accident only” policy for $9.95 per month per pet.

Today, pet health insurance can cover accidents and illnesses, as well as routine care for dogs and/or cats. Depending on the coverage level and the number of pets insured, prices can range from $9.95 to $79.00 per month. The range of service covered by the premiums, as Kelly describes it, is nearly as broad as procedures covered by human insurance.

To pet owners, the appeal of insurance comes down to peace of mind, and hopefully not having to explore the limits of unconditional love.

“By paying monthly premiums there is no need to worry about suddenly struggling to come up with unbudgeted veterinary expenses down the road,” Kelly added. “It allows pets to receive expert care and helps their human families manage costs, now for less than 40 cents a day.”


Upward trend in Pet-Friendly Apartments

In Uncategorized on June 8, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Renters love pets and are doing their part to find a place to live that accommodates both them and their four-legged cohabitators.

According to an survey of more than 1,000 renters around the country, nearly 90 percent of renters who responded said they have a pet. Of the renters surveyed that do not currently own a pet, more than half plan to become pet owners within the next year.

Pets are being made a priority by renters during their apartment search. More than 80 percent of respondents said a pet-friendly policy played a major role in where they chose to live and 30 percent sought out an apartment in close proximity to desirable pet amenities such as dog parks, walking trails and a veterinary office.

As devoted pet owners, renters are holding on to their felines and canines even when faced with obstacles during their apartment search. While the majority of respondents experienced difficulty finding an apartment that allowed pets, 89 percent said they were not put in a position where they had to choose between their beloved animal and a place to live. has seen an upward trend of more and more properties welcoming pets. For survey respondents who said they were forced to give up their pet(s), the two main causes were identified as not being able to find an apartment with a pet-friend policy (65%) or not being able to afford the pet deposit (27%). More than half of renters surveyed said they paid more than $200 for a pet deposit, and nearly 60 percent said they would be less likely to rent an apartment requiring a pet deposit.

Millions of renters from around the country are in need of pet-friendly apartments. In 2008, more than 11 million searches for apartments that allow cats and dogs were conducted on New pet owners looking for an apartment are encouraged to read the following tips prior to moving in to ensure they are familiar with the building’s pet policy.